By Trevor Huggins

Explain to me the Bulletproof Coffee

 Today on the blog we will introduce you to one of our favourite ways to enjoy coffee: 
The Bulletproof Coffee. 
This first post goes through what goes into a Bulletproof. 
Our second post will explain the basic science behind it.


What the heck is this Bulletproof Coffee thing?  There are two answers. 
First, it is a way of preparing your cup of coffee that releases the maximum benefits of coffee.
Second, it is also the name of a brand, started by the a man named Dave Asprey, who wrote the book "Bulletproof" that espoused the benefits of a Bulletproof coffee.
We buy Bulletproof products to add to our own coffee.  
What goes into a Bulletproof coffee?
1.)  Coffee 
2.) Grass-fed Butter
3.) Brain Octane Oil (best prices on Amazon)
At Five'21 Roasters we go for a "super" Bulletproof Coffee.  We add:
4.)  2 Tbsp Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen
5.) 1 Tsp Bulletproof Cocoa Butter 
The best prices for these products is definitely on Amazon, the links to which we've included below (by shopping through these affiliate links, you support the creation of this blog.)  
  Available at Superstore & most health food stores


How do you make a Bulletproof Coffee?
Put it ALL into a blender.  You'll get a creamy, frothy, satisfying coffee.
We use a Vitamix, but any blender works great.
Stay tuned for Part 2, where we will introduce you to the benefits and science of a bulletproof coffee.  But first, here's a quick infographic below:

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  • This post is awesome! I do intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee is such a helpful way to start the day!
    Wondering, have you ever heard of just using coconut oil instead of the brain octane oil? Wondering if benefits are similar.

    Lindsay Limoges on

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