By Trevor Huggins

Indonesian coffee in Calgary - Flores Island Coffee - Green Dragon and Blue Dragon Beans

Seasonally, Five'21 Roasters offers the USDA organic and rainforest alliance certified Blue Dragon and Green Dragon Coffee beans from Flores Island, Indonesia.   Learn about the coffee from this island, below. 
This coffee is a great one if you like full bodied, rich coffees or tend toward the medium-dark side.  We believe tasting notes are very subjective, but common descriptions of this coffee from cupping (tasting) include: big body, chocolate, berries, hazelnut, earthy.  
East of Bali in the Indonesian ocean, the volcanic Flores island is an ideal location for coffee production with rich volcanic fertile soils and tropical rainforest.  Arabic coffee in Flores grows between 1200 – 1500 meters elevation.  These beans are grown on many small family-held farms, ranging from literally backyards to small family run operations on less than 5 acres. 
This particular bean is grown in the eastern highlands of Flores island, in an area called Bajawa which is home to the Ngada people. There are 12 farmers' cooperatives in total.
Only fully ripe cherries are hand harvested, wet hull processed (semi-washed) and dried on raised African beds to allow adequate air circulation and prevent contact with soil. The wet hull processing, locally known as "giling basah" produces deep green / blue coffees, a rich body and low acidity.  
The local government and coffee cooperatives have actively worked with research bodies (The Indonesia Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute) and certifying bodies, working to enhance technical support, infrastructure such as the air drying beds and hand-fed depulper stations, organic fertilizer, education, training and reforestation initiatives / funding. There are several projects underway to develop infrastructure and educate farmers on proper growing and harvesting practices to a level which will compete on the international market, which has already earned this bean the coveted Rainforest Alliance and USDA Organic Certification.  
The Flores has been a favourite of ours from the first cup, especially for dark roast lovers.


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