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We roast our own beans. You can buy them.

Other shops are happy to get their beans from whatever supplier sells them at the lowest price – but not Gravity. We fire our own beans right here in Calgary, creating unique flavour profiles across a series of small-batch roasts that keep you grounded, energized, and at your very best, all day long. 

So, go ahead: order by the bag or snag a subscription and take Gravity home with you today. And thanks for supporting local.

Putting the “craft” in craft services

Hearty comfort dishes made in-house by people who care about food, service, and you. That’s the promise of craft services from Gravity – an industry stand-out offering built around sustainability, hassle-free service, and our incomparable VW Westfailia van.

Did you know we host events? We host events.

Gravity brings people together – literally.

Whatever the reason you’re gathering – celebration, corporate get-together, or epic all-night D&D session – we’ll go out of our way to ensure your event has the eats, ambience, and imbibeables it needs to be a smashing success.

Book your event with Gravity today and watch your community come together in a space that’s welcoming and accommodating to all.

See you soon.

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