Welcome to Gravity, where our journey began with a dream of bringing European-style cafe culture to Calgary. On March 14, 2012, Gravity opened its doors in Calgary’s Inglewood. From our humble beginnings, we envisioned a place where exceptional coffee, homemade comfort food, wines, and cocktails would harmonize with live music, creating a vibrant community space. 

A Legacy of Community and Coffee 

Gravity quickly became a local favourite in Inglewood. In 2019, our vision expanded with the opening of our Beltline location, and in 2022, we welcomed patrons to our Eau Claire cafe, nestled near Prince’s Island Park. In 2023, our journey reached a pivotal milestone with the acquisition of Five’21 Coffee Roasters, empowering us to roast our own beans. 

Honouring Our Roots in Music 

Inspired by our deep connection to live music, today our freshly roasted coffee beans are named with a musical twist. It’s our way of paying homage to the arts that have enriched our community. Moreover, with every retail bag of coffee purchased, $1 is donated to support live music initiatives in Calgary. 

As we continue to grow, our mission remains rooted in community, bringing people together through exceptional coffee and shared experiences. 


Meet the Family

Gravity is a family affair. Founded by Andy and Zara, our journey has been filled with laughter, love, and the occasional reorganization by Andy! With our two sons, Cedar and Oakley, by our side, we’ve expanded from a single café to a thriving brand with three locations and a roastery. We are proud to be a part of Calgary’s fabric, serving delicious coffee, comfort food, and unforgettable live music.

Meet the roasters


Meet our head roaster, Andrew. Known as "The Travelling Hippie Roaster," Andrew brings a unique blend of passion and expertise to our team. He reuses all the chaff from our beans in his garden and loves to travel whenever he gets the chance. His journey includes stints at Harken Coffee Roasters in Vancouver and Bows Coffee Roasters in Victoria, where he honed his exceptional palate, discovering flavors that are beyond imagination.

By day, Andrew works as a social worker, but his true passion lies in coffee. He is the driving force—our flame—behind the roasting side of our business.

When he's not perfecting his roasts, you might spot Andrew walking awkwardly after a long bike ride or snapping selfies in Amsterdam, keeping up his hippie persona.


Doug is a seasoned veteran in the aviation industry, having held numerous corporate roles with both local and national airlines. Just a month or two before the pandemic hit, Doug purchased Société, a coffee shop in the heart of Calgary. Initially, the timing seemed unfortunate, but Doug soon proved everyone wrong by selling Société for a profit—during the pandemic! Talk about turning the tables.

Doug embodies the spirit of a honey badger, doing what he wants, when he wants, simply because he can. Occasionally, he steps in to roast some of the delicious coffees you can't get enough of. Whether he appears chill or disillusioned with life, one thing is certain: beneath the surface, Doug is a force of nature. We haven’t pushed him too far yet, but we’re eagerly waiting for the moment we capture his passionate outbursts on video. #wewillshare