By Carina Huggins

How do I Make a Bulletproof Coffee? Coffee Hacks and Life Hacks

Bulletproof coffee has revolutionized mornings for these tired parents.  But what is it? It sounds rugged and hardcore, doesn't it?  Think of it as a supercharged way of making your coffee, with the addition of between one and three ingredients.

Abolustely, it has changed my morning game completely.  


If you want to dig in deeper to the science behind bulletproof coffees, consider reading the books Bulletproof and Headstrong by Dave Asprey. Asprey is a successful tech entrepreneur who went on a years-long quest to optimize his energy, focus and cognitive ability (as well as lose weight and gain vitality) to considerable expense.

He is the ultimate example of self-experimentation and because of this, his book is full of candid anecdotes, the latest research and little gems of information to optimize ones energy. 

These are the books on Amazon where you can choose paperback (or) kindle.  

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Preparing coffee as a bulletproof coffee solves the following problems:

  • Remove the caffeine jitters and anxiety that comes with (lots) of cups
  • Prolong the coffee induced energy and alterness
  • Rebuild connective tissue and heal my gut
  • Boost intermittent fasting with a boost in ketones (fuel for mitochondria and your brain, ketones are a product of fat-burning mechanisms rather than sugar-burning mechanisms.) 



So now, let's get into Bulletproof preparation.  

What is a bulletproof coffee?  There are two answers which is why it is confusing at first glance on the interwebs.
1.) It is a way of preparing your regular cup of coffee that releases the maximum benefits of coffee and adds a few "super powers" to it.
2.) It is also the name of a brand, started by Dave Asprey, who wrote the book "Bulletproof" that espoused the benefits of a Bulletproof coffee. 
I use these products and love them. Personally, I prepare my coffee in the bulletproof way, but also use the bulletproof products.  
What goes into a Bulletproof coffee?
1.)  Coffee
2.) Grass-fed Butter OR Ghee OR if like me you prefer non-dairy, I use a chunk of Cocoa Butter - I like the Bulletproof one best.
*I put upgraded collagen protein in as well, but this is optional additional product.
Budget note:  It is expensive to buy all of these products (they last ages though) so if you have to get one thing, just get the brain octane oil and then grassfed butter from your local grocery store!
How do you make a Bulletproof Coffee?
Put it ALL into a blender. That's it!  You'll get a creamy, frothy, satisfying coffee.
We use a Vitamix, but any blender works great.  As a side note though, Vitamix next to my coffee machine and instapot is one of the best things we ever, ever spent money on.
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Where do you buy Bulletproof Products? 
Here in Calgary, I first found  (and bought) them at Community Natural Foods, and some cafes do them now, my favourite being the Bulletproof at Wild + Raw Superfood and Juice Bar in Kensington, but the best prices for these products is definitely on Amazon.
Here are the products on Amazon, if you happen to purchase them through these links, I earn a small commission that goes directly to the blog.
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Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.51.40 AM
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 + Any grassfed high quality butter from your grocery store.  If you prefer non dairy, caco butter is great.  Ghee is also a great option to minimize the milk proteins that may irritate your gut.

  • Your regular 'ol cup of coffee does this:
  • Wakes you up
  • Basically, a bulletproof coffee does this:
  • Wakes you the f*ck up
  • Helps fix the gut lining (butyrate in butter)
  • Maximize antioxidants (coffee is a rich source of polyphenols) 
  • Prolongs the caffeine alertness & prevents fatigue (Brain octane oil)
  • Helps energy & vitality ( Brain octane oil is a fantastic fuel for your brain & the mitochondria)
  • Helps feed the cells lining the gut and the cells that make up your connective tissues (collagen)
  • Staves off hunger (protein in the collagen and fat in the butter / cocoabutter / brain octane) 
  • May help fat loss (if used as part of an intermittent fasting protocol, the MCT oil in the bulletproof can help release more ketones into your blood, promoting fat burning as an energy source.)


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