By Matt Boudreau

Hurricane Eta - Relief Efforts for Guatemala & Honduras

On Thursday November 5, 2020, while many of us were comfortable at home working and catching up on our daily dose of Covid-19 news while following along the US Presidential Election, countries in Central America were ravaged by Tropical Storm Eta.

Eta ripped through Guatemala and Honduras leaving hundreds if not thousands of people dead, those numbers may never get fully tallied. The storm brought heavy rain causing major mudslides, sweeping away mountains, people, homes, and livelihoods. An estimated 250,000 people are displaced from their homes, not even with land left to rebuild on, mountain-sides simply vanished.

We don’t hear much of this in our daily news, not until it’s approaching the US. Out of sight is out of mind, or ignorance is bliss...being intentional with our lives we don’t believe this is the case.

We want and need to help. 

Our industry feeds its’ profit off the same people affected in these storms, most times these countries are already considered third world and struggle to make ends meet. They work off their land to grow the best cherries, all to delivery an incredible cup of coffee to start our day. 

We’ve carried the superb, organic coffee beans from Guatemala for some time, a best seller for much of that time. We brought in Honduras organic, fair trade coffee beans this summer, it has proven to be an incredibly flavourful cup of coffee and adds that unique fruitiness you taste in some of our blends. 

Our mission is to not only help you live a life of intention but to truly live these values within ourselves. We want to ensure those farmers and their families are well taken care of, and are treated the same way we would treat our neighbours or those struggling here in Canada. That is why we’re giving back, to both Guatemala and Honduras to help every little bit that we can during these trying times. 

For the next month we will be raising funds and giving our own funds back to those who have been affected in 2 ways. We will ensure the funds are going to NGOs on the ground, the ones who are doing the grunt work to rebuild or recollect livelihoods. 


  1. Look for this symbol (below) on our store and add a donation amount to your cart when you purchase your coffee. Every dollar helps.
  2. Our apparel is coming! An amazing collab with some friends and colleagues in another local business. This is exciting for us, hopefully you’ll purchase and proudly wear our brand around. 100% of the sales of these limited edition items will be donated to the cause. Stay tuned for official pre-sale and launch...

Help us raise some funds to make a difference in the lives of these well-deserving people. We know we think about them as we enjoy their coffee to start our day, it’s the least we can do to help.

*As we post this these countries are on the brink of another Tropical Storm Iota (November 14, 2020)

Thank you and much love!

The Five’21 Roasters Family


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