By Trevor Huggins

Calgary Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Drinkers

Many of you have been asking for advice on gifts for the fellow coffee drinkers in your life and we thought it would be fun to suggest a range of items to suit different budgets, from stocking stuffers up to extravagant purchases!  
All of these items you can pick up locally from various businesses, simply click on the image to be taken to the website.
First up, what do we have to offer for Calgary coffee drinkers from Five'21 Roasters?
We have a limited run of our collaboration with Local Laundry.  Our custom designed tshirts and baseball caps are gifts that give back - the proceeds will be going to help the families devastated by the tropical storms Eta and Iota.  We source Guatemalan and Honduran coffee and believe we need to step up and support the families there who have lost their livelihoods.
We have designed 3 blends that are roasted at a light (fruity & citrus), medium (caramel and butterscotch) and dark (cocoa and earthy) level.  We highly recommend these three if you are looking to gift some coffee. 
Still feeling unsure what they would like? 
You can always grab a gift card in different denominations and we will deliver to their door!
.     .        
We also have a Calgary Christmas gift box available with these brilliant coffee socks from Friday sock co! 
Now, we really get to geek out. Here are our favourite coffee gift suggestions for Christmas 2020!
Our house is somewhat obsessed with Rebel liquid chocolate atEight Ounce Coffee in Calgary.
Is there a busy mom in your house? 
The Huskee cup has amazing thermal properties so that you're not sipping on cold coffee. 
The Aeropress Aerobie is the most adaptable way to make coffee,
all you will ever need is access to hot water and a cup.
This is our go-to for travel and camping. You can pick these  gifts below up at Eight Ounce.
We often choose to make our coffee this way even though we have about 6 different ways of making it in our house. 
If you have a serious coffee enthusiast who would like to bring out the full tastes in coffee, and an engineering type who enjoys precision, we highly recommend the Hario V60 Scale - and even better, the full brewing set.
We also love this Hario kettle at Eight Ounce which are a must for
someone who likes to brew with a pour over method:
We get inquiries all the time about Grinders,
personally we use Baratza and recommend to our customers the Encore.
Other Great Places for Stocking Stuffers and Gifts: 
There are some great local suppliers in Calgary that you can purchase coffee equipment
from and we shop frequently at Eight Ounce Coffee
112 4 St NE, Sought X Found coffee and Steeling Home on 17th Ave which is full to the brim with little treasures.
 Other fun things? Check these out:
Kinto Sacco Vases and some green stems are so beautiful in your coffee preparation area of the kitchen! 
We truly believe the art and process of brewing a fresh cup of coffee can become a mindful, pleasant start to your morning.  These Japanese vases remind us to slow it down and get intentional.
Do you have a bookworm in your house? Here's two:
(Below is the first coffee book we ever bought that led us on the journey to roasting)
Scott Rao is also an authority on coffee, and has a variety of books including this comprehensive guide to all of the wonderful ways you can brew coffee:
We also have to mention Jill Weston Fine Art who so beautifully captures
our favourite coffee mountain moments - visit her store on Etsy.
 If you are looking for stocking stuffers, we also have our own favourite secret stop... Ssshhh.
- Luke's Drug Mart in Bridgeland.
Sometimes half the fun is just going and browsing through all of the little treasures. 
We hope this got your brain ticking with ideas... may your stocking stuffer game be strong! 
The crew at Five'21 Roasters


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