By Trevor Huggins

Dark Roast Coffee Beans in Calgary

Do you like a dark roast that is earthy with notes of cocoa? Or one that has a smooth blackberry essence?  We offer 4 different dark roast coffee beans in Calgary.

Last Mile is our exclusive dark roasted coffee blend.  We're unique in that we preserve the tastes of the regions we roast, we take the dark roast process right to the edge, so that you get that beautiful, rich dark roast without losing those cocoa and blackberry notes. 

You won't see oily beans in our bags of dark roast coffee beans -  only the freshest coffee you can get!

A single origin dark roast is perfect to identify and lock down what you enjoy.

Do you prefer a more earthy, chocolate tasting dark roast? We carry Peru Dark Roast

Do you prefer something that's got a bit of a fruit note? Rwanda Dark roast is the one for you.

We also offer our dark roast in a smooth, nicely bodied dark roast .Decaf Dark Roast 

We've added tasting notes to the photos below! Simply click to order or you can pick them up at Bite Groceteria Inglewood or Blush Lane Organic Market! 






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  • Discovered your coffee in Blush Lane this weekend and decided to try the Last Mile for my espresso this morning and I am glad I did. The coffee is delicious and packaging and is very clean and classy. I appreciate the coffee even more now that I’ve looked into the story behind the business. I think as a new purchaser it would be convincing to briefly include a small amount of the story of the business on the bags if possible though I am sure it a challenge to balance the clean design. Thanks for your efforts both with the coffee and as a frontline worker.

    Rob on

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