By Trevor Huggins

Best Coffee Beans in Calgary?

We wanted to highlight 3 distinct blends made of the best coffee beans in Calgary. 

We can confidently say that we vet our bean sources and follow a model of selecting not only the best quality beans, but also the most environmentally, socially and economically progressive suppliers. We use organic beans that are often fair trade and rainforest alliance certified, and we source with only one person between us and the producer.  Let's redefine coffee. 

We have meticulously combined several organic beans together to create a different light, medium and dark roast experience for you. 

Once the beans are roasted and we decide on the blend, we cup (taste) the coffee with a barista and prepare it in several ways (each way of preparing coffee brings out particular notes.) 

This is the quality we'd expect of a small artisanal roaster, and it is the quality we hold ourselves to at Five'21 Roasters. 

Light roasted coffee beans are fragrant, with notes of vanilla, bergamot and citrus. They are beautiful prepared in a Chemex. We think you'll find the best coffee beans in Calgary with our curated light roast. 

Light roasted coffee beans in Calgary


For those who prefer a nice body, a rich morning coffee you'll enjoy the Blue Bird Medium roast. Notes of butterscotch make this a spectacular coffee with cream or milk.  Perfect for lattes or cappucinos. 

For a dark roast, we bring you the rich, earthy cocoa note laden last mile, designed for a full body dive into the world of dark roasts.  We do not roast them to an oily stage.  We take it right to the edge, where we are able to preserve the fine tastes of premium beans.

Best coffee beans Calgary



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