By Aurora Clark

Ethical Coffee Bean Sourcing in Calgary - Our Fair Trade, Organic Dark Roast Peruvian Beans

We at Five’21 Roasters are excited to present to you our latest addition to the roastery, Peruvian beans from Finca Churupampa!

One of our 2020 goals is to be part of the coffee production evolution and source our green beans more responsibly.

Five'21 Roasters will partner with coffee producers who are actively using a socially and environmentally progressive approach to growing coffee.  


We chose the Finca Churapampa farm and Tocto family to supply our beans.  Please take a moment to view this video from @Rawpowercollective featuring the Tocto brothers, and get a feel for what you are supporting :) 


Finca Churupampa farm is in Chirinos, Cajamarca, in the North Western part of Peru. It’s a family run organization that started in 2011 and the Tocto brothers have worked hard to transform Finca Churupampa into a sustainable operation since they took over from their parents.

Calgary Dark Roast Coffee from Peru 


Finca Churupampa has grown to include 162 producing members since its founding.



The farm is certified organic, and every batch is cupped to check for quality.

Cupping coffee at origin -  Finca Churapampa

Photo credit:  Talhao 



In addition to coffee, the Tocto brothers grow vegetables, fruits, and raise chickens for the local community to support economic diversification and avoid coffee dependence, which has historically resulted in slash-and-burn practices in the Amazonian rainforests.

The Tocto brothers also run a soil management program and use a wide selection of organic material to compost. The farm also features a fresh-water pool and soccer facility for local youth.  Finca Churupampa is not only a coffee and vegetable farm. It is also a training and marketing facility for neighboring farms and members of the community.

The goal is to improve production practices not only on their own farm, but in the entire region and invest in quality and sustainability.
This Peruvian bean is roasted in small batches in our roastery in Calgary as a dark roast best suited for espresso. Expect nutty flavours, a balanced cup, and a great start to your day when drinking a cup of coffee from the Finca Churupampa.

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    My order is on its way!

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