By Trevor Huggins

ATB Boostr Crowdfunding Campaign for Five'21 Coffee Roasters Calgary

We are so excited to let everyone know that are officially live on ATB Boostr's Crowdfunding Platform. 

You heard that right, we are running ATB Boostr Crowdfunding Campaign for Five'21 Roasters! 

Our goal is $10,000 which will directly fund some very specific goals which we've got well under way. 

-But First-

We're not interested in talking about how COVID-19 has created obstacles for us - In fact, we're interested in how it has created opportunities and tightened our community - that includes both customers and fellow entrepreneurs and YYC Brands.  

-So with that-

We refocused the Five'21 Roasters mission for 2020.  

With each pledge you are able to choose your reward which is obv, FRESHLY ROASTED COFFEE (but we have some pretty cool "experiences" on offer for our crowdfunders, too!) 

Your support of our ATB Boostr Crowdfunding Campaign for Five'21 Coffee Roasters Calgary will directly funds 5 goals. 

1.) Run a best-in-class online business model that is beautifully integrated with social media, with responsive customer service.  We've been working hard to offer free coffee delivery in YYC on the daily, contact-free.  

2.) Fuel intentional lives through social media content. We promote optimism, ingenuity and taking advantage of this time to slow down, remove distraction and really think about what we want from our lives. There's NO better time to do this than now. We walk our talk.  We'd like to revive the podcast, produce moooooar content and get some amazing guest instagram takeovers who really live intentional lives. We're not just here for coffee. We're here because we want you to live a damn good life. 

3.) Be part of the coffee production evolution. Build relationships right at source and travel there (thanks to Instagram, we'll be able to take you - our customers - with us to meet your farmers of YOUR coffee.)

We want to be part of the change in coffee sourcing where the roasters are able to connect directly with the producers, source responsibly, cut middle men, and those icky suboptimal supply chain practices (some of them are pretty shady and remnants of an old system that is no longer necessary in this connected world.) We really mean it when we say our goal is to choose for yourselves and ourselves our coffee farmers.  Those who are using socially and environmentally progressive approaches. 

4.) Design and prepare all of our packaging and labeling for retail.  We'll be ready to get Five'21 Roasters Coffee out to YYC shelves with this support and this is an important funding infusion we need.

5.). Expand collaboration with YYC brands. Let's make sure Calgary's small business ecosystem thrives - we've been busy setting up shared deliveries & joint offerings.  You may have seen our work supporting Fahr Brewery, BFF Cookies, Buttermilk Fine Waffles and more.  We do a lot behind the scenes to make sure our small businesses come out of the other side excited.




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