By Trevor Huggins

Zambian Coffee in Calgary. What is Zambian Coffee Like?


Zambian Specialty Coffee in Calgary is now available from Five'21 Roasters.  The Zambian coffee is a fantastic foray into specialty coffees and more complex tastes if you are ready to give your palate an adventure.  

What is Zambian coffee like?  It has bright floral and fruity flavours! Our particular roast showcases a number of tropical flavours including blueberry, guava and mango.  These are not copied from a coffee website, these are the actual flavours that we - the average coffee drinker - picked up quite distinctly.  

These Zambian specialty coffee beans come from the Kateshi estates in the Mafinga hills, where the volcanic soils help develop the incredible tastes.  These hills are a plateau on the border between Zambia and Malawi, and they are home to the highest point in Zambia! 

These Zambian Coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance certified, so you can be sure you’re getting an ethical cup. You can read about Rainforest Alliance certification here.  Coffee is a major cash crop in Zambia, and the coffee industry is bringing in the investment and development needed to introduce this coffee to the international market, which has traditionally been difficult for Zambian producers.  

Free housing for residential workers is provided right on the estate, along with basic health care. Right in the community is a primary school with 900 students in attendance, and daycare is provided for workers' children. Not only do they take care of their employees, but they are also working to train Zambia’s first female tractor drivers - a highly employable skill in the agricultural regions. 

Coffee is still relatively new to Zambia, with the industry gaining momentum in the early 1980’s. The Kateshi estates are at the forefront of this relatively new industry and are pioneering the growth and processing of specialty beans in the country. 

As a small-batch specialty coffee roaster in Calgary, we put care into developing every roast to ensure that the tastes of the region are on display.  We don't have a signature "roast" for each type of coffee - we adjust the many elements of roasting to showcase that specific bean.  Craft roasting coffee in Calgary means that we get to experiment, taste and experiment some more as we develop each roast, and our Zambian beans have been under development for about a month before we were happy with the profile.  

We are also happy to offer green coffee beans in Calgary at wholesale coffee prices - we love to support hobby roasters who are beginning to catch the bug and started out just like us.  Just drop us a line.  

Fancy setting up a regular order of coffee? Simply choose our Calgary coffee subscription option, enjoy the 10% off your orders and select your frequency of delivery.  You are NOT charged automatically; you are in control of each invoice which is automatically sent out prior to delivery.  We don't do the payment processing or store your data and that's improtant to us.  


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