By Trevor Huggins

Guatemalan Coffee in Calgary - The Latest Specialty Coffee from Five'21 Roasters

Five'21 Roasters now has Guatemalan Coffee in Calgary and we are really pleased to tell you about this beautiful bean from South America.  Think buttery, caramel notes in a pleasing medium roast.

These beans come from a 33 Hectare farm named Cerro Lancandon Chochajau. ,  in Guatemala’s highlands, near lake Atitlan.

Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in central America, resides in the Sierra Madre mountain range. Atitlan has three volcanoes on its southern flank. The lake basin itself was formed by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. The volcanic origins give the land an agricultural advantage and lend to the unique flavours found in the coffee grown there.

The lake is a cultural hotspot, with 12 different Indigenous villages surrounding it and 22 distinctly different languages being spoken in the area. Traditions are kept alive in this region, with not only different languages being spoken, but traditional clothing being worn, and deep roots in the great Mayan civilization.  These Guatemalan coffee beans are meticulously sorted to remove damaged and sub-standard beans, which really allows the cup to shine. 

In fact, these beans have won silver at the Golden Bean coffee roasters competition two years in a row. 

Want to get your hands on a bag of Guatemalan coffee? We are offering these beans as a medium roast, and we offer free delivery in Calgary, direct from our roastery, right to your doorstep. Or, if you are someone who dabbles in roasting at home, buy green coffee beans from us and try roasting this lovely South American bean! 



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  • Just tried your blend for the first time. found my new coffee roaster.

    Robert Hilton on

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