By Trevor Huggins

What is an Ethiopian Coffee Like? And Why You Should Try It...

The experience of drinking an Ethiopian is quite different from what we are used to. It is an entry into aromatic coffees that have notes of citrus, florals & a light, fragrant taste.  In many respects, this type of coffee is different from the coffees that the average North American consumer is used to. However, coffee drinkers are branching out and exploring new tastes, and Ethiopian is a wonderful way to begin sampling what else is out there in the coffee experience.

Why do these Ethiopian beans have such a unique taste?  There are many factors, among them, the fact that most of the smallholder farms have heirloom varieties that are not found anywhere else in the world.

When I roast this coffee, I am there listening for the crack of the bean, because this coffee really shines as a medium roast which is concluded in the interval following the first crack of the bean. 

The beans from this cooperative also appealed to me because they are from smallholder family farms.

These families most often grow their coffee in simple yet beautiful gardens, mixed with other plants and trees that complement the coffee. The symbiotic plants found in these gardens complement the coffee beautifully, allowing families not only to generate an income, but also food and basic household supplies, including those provided by a relative of the banana tree, the Enset. Other plants found in these gardens include sugar cane, gargantuan squash, corn, yam and other food staple crops. Enset has multiple uses: food, water, medicine & shelter, and coffee grows better among the leaves of this versatile plant.

I hope you learnt something new about coffee and if you’d like a beautiful medium roast that offers a sensory experience, try our Ethiopian!

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