By Trevor Huggins

Fair Trade Nicaraguan Coffee Beans in Calgary

Exciting news! I just got off of the phone with Don Isidro down in Nicaragua who runs a single farmer lot (also called a micro lot) which has won many awards (Cup of Excellence.)

Talk about fair trade and truly going crop-to-cup! 

Don's farm is just outside of Jinotega, Nicaragua with nature preserves on all sides. 

Coming from high altitude (1500+ metres) and very fertile soils, a well-brewed cup of this coffee is described as creamy, bright and crisp - however as always, we believe taste is very subjective and you simply just have to try it for yourself!

Don Isidro uses drying racks and hand sorting to filter out imperfect cherries and is very progressive with his workers, and has many charitable projects on the go in the more remote areas near his farm.

This lot is literally on the trees right now, and will be harvested in late June / July, then flown directly up here to Calgary to be freshly roasted.

You'll be the first ones to try this coffee.  

Photo from Google Earth


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