By Trevor Huggins

Introducing the Ethopian Heirloom Sidama Roast, Ethiopian Coffee Beans in Calgary

Five'21 Roasters is excited to add Ethiopian Heirloom Sidama Coffee to the Calgary coffee roasting scene.  This year's (recent) harvest came highly recommended and is sought after.  It is sold out in many places. 
Why did we choose this harvest to small-batch roast?
The cooperative of approximately 90 farmers are subject to strict agricultural regulations, and the beans are grown 100% naturally without chemicals or pesticides in the rich volcanic highlands.  In fact, the coffee grows quite freely and wildly here without human hands.  
These beans are hand-picked sun-dried and then processed naturally, which produces a more fragrant cup than other methods, such as wet processing. 
Fascinating fact:  You'll see "Aldi" in the name of this coffee, because this lot is actually named after the world's oldest human ancestor skeleton that has ever been found.  Aldi was a 110 lb female found in this region.
We believe that coffee tasting is very subjective and depends on the individual's sensory receptors.  BUT, that being said, Ethiopian coffees are famous for their very unique smell, taste, mouthfeel and finish.  Think of the beans of having their own culture.  
Among tasting circles, the consensus is that these beans have a creamy body, silky mouthfeel and finish that has berry, citrus and chocolate fragrances that cannot be experienced in coffee from any other region of the world.   When we received the shipment of green beans in the bag, we could even smell the berry essence when we opened the bag. 
We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to smell, taste and feel the first sips of your first cup of Ethiopian.  Even if you do not have experience in coffee tasting, it is a fun experience to try and see what notes or flavours you pick up on.  This is in and of itself a mindful experience. After all, the first sip of a fresh cup of coffee is the best sip. 
As we write this, we are watching the snow fall outside, a fresh cup in our hands, and are dreaming of warmer places! 

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  • I’m looking for a new Roaster /Supplier. I used to get 2 five pound bags regularly from Speakeasy in Hamilton Ontario.
    Seem to have lost him.
    I would like to try one pound each of your Flores and Your Ethiopian Beans
    I like medium to Dark Roasts and have a Jura coffee maker—and—use filtered water
    Cheers I’m in Christie Estates.

    Lawrence Bogdon on

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