By Trevor Huggins

Free Delivery in Calgary EVERY DAY during Covid-19 Lockdown

Hello everyone, Trevor from Five'21 Specialty Coffee Roasters here.

I just wanted to jump on the blog and let you know that while we are dealing with Coronavirus in Calgary and the Covid-19 Lockdown, Five'21 Roasters will be providing CONTACT-FREE coffee delivery in Calgary, on all specialty coffee deliveries in YYC.  If you order a minimum of $30, there is no charge.

Our delivery is contact-free.  Straight from our roaster to your doorstep.  

The coffee beans have not had any human contact.

We are currently roasting and delivering daily, so you will receive your order within 24 hours of placing it in our online store. 

There are many Calgary businesses delivering during the Coronavirus lockdown, and we'd love it if you could #sharetheloveyyc and support them on Social Media.  

If you need food, drinks or supplies, simply pause a moment and ask yourself, "can I support a local business that delivers this for free to my house?"  For example, instead of asking if you can have Starbucks Coffee Delivery, why not choose of of the many incredible local roasters?  Instead of asking if you can order fast food from uber eats, why not protect uber drivers and opt for local cafes or restaurants who are offering curbside pickup :) 

By doing this you are 

1.) Making a MASSIVE contribution now and to the future of local business - this is a beautiful chance to see a massive renaissance of buying local and ensuring the continued success of so many Calgary entrepreneurs.

2.)Protecting front-line workers including those who still have to work in Grocery stores, by minimizing time outside and human contact.

3.) And most importantly of all, protecting yourself.

Sending you all our best wishes for a safe & fulfilling time of reconnecting with family and nature.  We'll all get through this and come out better for it.  In fact, we're excited to see all of the incredible innovation happening - on social, medical and business fronts.




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