By Aurora Clark

Calgary Christmas Gift Ideas For Coffee Drinkers

Its that time of year when you are beginning to think about some great gifts for your friends and family.  As coffee lovers, we thought it would be helpful to let you in on some of of our wish lists over the last couple of years, especially when the coffee obsession was in its early stages.

In this Calgary Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Drinkers you'll find a few things we've picked out.  We've also added some uniquely Calgary gift ideas.

Enjoy!  We've linked directly where we can.  We do derive a small (and we mean small) commission from Amazon should you choose to purchase from there via one of our links. 


1.) A gift card from Eight Ounce Coffee Supply In Calgary - a wonderland of fun stuff for the Coffee enthusiast, amateur barista right up to the professional barista.  

Click here to grab a gift card from Eight Ounce Coffee.


2.) The Aeropress - Still one of our favourite ways to make coffee and the perfect gift for international travellers (we've taken ours around the world & on many camping trips.) 

Best price is on Amazon - Click here to shop (affiliate link - we earn a small commission if you choose to purchase.)


3.). Black Rifle Coffee Company T-Shirts these are available locally from Crown Surplus Outdoor & Tactical in Calgary.  It's a great store to explore and they have some pretty cool stuff from WWI and WWII.  

Click here to purchase from the Crown Outdoor & Tactical Online Store. 


4.). Covert Coffee Insert - Totally random but also totally fascinating.  In the odd event you need to transport a USB with highly sensitive nuclear warhead information... well...there's a concealment device for that (?)

Also available from Crown Outdoor & Tactical


5.) The Espropress P1 travel French press.  We absolutely love this high quality Canadian to-go coffee mug which is also a French press.  It is incredibly durable and has a double seal.  You can literally toss it in a backpack upside down and not worry about it.   We've bought in matte black, white and silver.  Available on our online store (Calgary only) - free delivery in YYC Mondays. Espro P1 Travel French Press from Five'21 Roasters


6.). Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil.   If you are curious about Keto or Intermittent Fasting, this + collagen are excellent to incorporate into your plan.  A bulletproof coffee in the morning will get you through to early afternoon no problem, and the oil increases Ketones.  If you are curious about bulletproof coffees, read our blog here:  Explain To Me: Bulletproof Coffee.  Otherwise, best price for Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil is on Amazon (that's where we order ours.)


 7.) There are loads of cool antique coffee grinders on Etsy available for a variety of prices.  Though we'd probably recommend going with an up to date grinder, these are pretty cool decor items... or maybe a good arm workout you're really up to it?  See results for Antique Coffee Grinders on Etsy. 


8.) If you make any sort of pour over coffee, the goose neck kettle is amazing and most coffee lovers want this, if they do not yet have one.  It's great for tea with programmable temperatures and a "hold" setting.  

See results for goose neck kettles on Amazon


9.) An airtight coffee storage container with one way valve.  The valve, much like the valve you see on coffee bags, allows for off-gassing of the beans and preserves maximum taste.  This container on Amazon consistently gets high reviews.

Litthing Coffee Storage Container with Valve


 10.)  This Birch Mug from Kiln Kandy in Sudbury, Ontario - a great Etsy.Com find! Rustic Birch Coffee Mug





 11.)  Our Five'21 Roasters Coffee Christmas Gift Box - filled with three of your favourite bags of coffee.  Choose from the best of the African or South American Contents - or choose based on Dark, Medium or Light Roasts.  Free delivery in YYC on Mondays (only available in Calgary.) 

Shop the Christmas Boxes in our Online store (YYC ONLY)


12.) Build-on-Brick Coffee Mug by Kyonne.  For those of you who more often than not wind up drinking your coffee at 6:30am while simultaneously building lego. with your 4 year old.  Not that we've been there or anything..

Buy on Amazon


13.). The Coffee Sock Home-Made Cold Brew Kit

This home-made cold brew kit comes with a re-usable coffee filter.  It's a fun and expensive way to dabble in the world of cold brew (which trust us, is a fun world indeed.). 

Buy on Amazon


 14.)  Book:  High Performance Habits by Brendan Burchard











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