By Trevor Huggins

New Colombian Coffee in Calgary - We Are Supporting Farmers Directly!

A brand new Costa Rican coffee in Calgary that has never been released as a separated lot.  A pretty cool story too, so read below.
Meet Luis and Carmella Portilla who have been growing coffee on their highland farm, El Hueco for 12 years. 
Every penny they make goes directly to pay for their sons' education who attend school in the capital city of Pasto in Nariño  
Luis grows his Castillo coffee organically in excellent conditions in the highlands, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, but does not certify it as organic due to the high cost of certification.
He works with the beans through the entire process, de-pulping the coffee at his house and fermenting for 20 hours, and then drying it on the patio for 10 days (depending on weather.)
Previously Luis' coffee has been mixed in with beans from the region in commercial bags (less profits to the farmers) but working with our origin partners, Five'21 Roasters is the first roaster to order directly from Luis, and this will ensure he is finally paid fairly for his hard work!  We couldn't be happier about this, that we are supporting another family.
Cupping notes at origin confirmed its reputation of a smooth, refreshing citrus body, and structured acidity.  Additional tasting notes of this harvest (at origin) were: Black tea, grape, lemon & lime, dried fruit.  
The beans are on their way to Five'21 Roasters where we will carefully develop the roasts, working hand in hand with our award-winning barista to ensure a brilliant cup of coffee for our customers! 
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