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Things To Do at the Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market 2019

Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market 2019 Five21 Roasters


We are excited to announce that Five'21 Roasters Calgary will be a vendor at the 2019 Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market!  After several successful market residencies this summer, we are honoured to be among those chosen for this spectacular christmas event.  On the blog today we wanted to share some of our favourite things to do at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market :) 

(Btw, stay tuned for more Five'21 Roasters Calgary christmas market announcements!) 


The 2019 Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market runs THREE weekends in November:

Friday November 15th - Sunday November 17th

Friday November 22nd - Sunday November 24th

Friday November 29th - Sunday December 1st

Tip: Buy Tickets for the Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market Online!

The Spruce Meadows Christmas market is $12 at the gate, but you can save money by pre-purchasing your tickets for $10 online - which also saves you major time if you download these tickets to Apple Wallet.  It's a huge market with A LOT of vendors & attendees, live music and entertainment.  


Aside from Christmas shopping, the market is a spectaular event for the whole family - we've been going since our kids were born.

Spruce Meadows Christmas Market 2019

Things to do at the Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market:

-Visit the reindeer

-Grab a hot wine (a European tradition) and enjoy the fire pits outside

-Enjoy the live music performances inside the market

-Walk around the christmas light display at night time, followed by hot chocolate & bratwurst in a bun in the courtyard.

-Weather pending, skate on the pond at night time (surrounded by christmas lights!)

-If it is extremely cold, do not worry, you can drive around the christmas light display - we have done this in past years, with hot chocolates and snacks in the car (and carols on the radio of course!) 

We can't emphasize it enough. The christmas lights at Spruce Meadows are worth a drive down for. 

Spruce Meadows Christmas Lights 2019

Give coffee for christmas!  The Five'21 Roasters christmas gift boxes

We know that many of you will be on the lookout for stocking stuffers and gifts...this year we will have special coffee christmas packages.

Choose any 3 bags of Five'21 Roasters coffee and we'll package them in a specially designed black Five'21 Roasters gift box. Distribute to family and friends for an awesome christmas gift or stocking stuffer :-)   Trust us, you'll love the design.

We will also make sure you, the hard-working christmas shopper are rewarded with a significant discount on a 4th bag of coffee (for yourself of course.) 

Stay tuned on the Five'21 Roasters blog.  We LOVE christmas and christmas gift ideas and will be sharing lots of them as the season approaches, both here and on Instagram 

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