By Trevor Huggins

Nicaraguan Coffee in Calgary, Nicaragua Green Beans in Calgary

Disrupting the Coffee Industry

We're so excited to offer a beautiful Nicaraguan coffee in Calgary!

At the end of the year we took delivery of the first bag of Nicaragua green beans to be sold DIRECT from a  small, family run Nicaraguan farm to Canada (us!) This is Don Isidro!

We are so proud to directly support one of his highly regarded crops from late 2018  without the middlemen, ensuring more profits go to his farm and family.

We chose to partner with Gold Mountain because of their amazing progressive approaches including social and environmental initiatives.

Yes the bag does cost more than average but it is incredible how much goes back to the producers and gold mountain initiatives.  It is one person, no middle men and shady shell companies.

What does this bag fund: 

-Free weekly computing classes that are 90% female to break through "cement ceilings" for women. 
-The installation of running water in a school far off the 
utilitiy and water grids near Finca Idealista farm (they purchased all the supplies and the community helped with installation).
-Provide local schools with textbooks, desks, small libraries, and other educational necessities.

On the top of our priority list is 
travelling direct to source eventually, so that we can show you how direct trade (farm to roaster) is better for everyone, plus personally we feel better being connected directly with the farmers and knowing where our coffee comes from (and being able to show you it on Instagram!) 

We are going through test roasts right now to bring out the 
flavours that Nicaragua is known for.  We'll generally go through 4-5 roasts, adjusting settings and then taste them with our barista.  When our picky palates are satisfied, we launch it on Instagram.

We announce everything and you can check out your bags being roasted fresh on our San Franciscan each week on Instastories.



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