By Trevor Huggins

Great Gift Ideas for Fathers Day in Calgary

Today on the blog we wanted to show you a few of our favourite things that make an excellent gift for Dad on Fathers Day, June 16th. These are all things we use daily.  

Many of these can be purchased around Calgary (we'll let you know) as well as Amazon.  Visit us on Instagram to follow our stories for more gift ideas for dad.



The Sanuk Line of Beer Cozy Flip flops are excellent and have survived world travels.  They are literally the most comfortable flip flops you'll ever own and are so great to slip into after a day of running or mountain biking. 
You can also pick them up in Southcentre Mall, Calgary.  
Next up, for the coffee fans, upgrade your morning coffees with a few of these things (and of course a Kilo bag from us, we've never heard of anyone regifting or being disappointed in  a kilo of coffee from Five'21 Roasters!) 
BULLETPROOF your coffees with Bullet Proof Brain Octane, this is the stuff we often talk about on Instagram.  Make it even more functional and add collagen. These are available in most Community Natural Foods Stores, but we find the pricing better on Amazon.
Collagen is a clear, colourless powder that dissolves in anything quickly.  We put brain octane, collage and grass fed butter in our coffee.
This will get you through the morning easily and boost your Ketones for optimal brain function, energy and fat burning. 
If you are curious about the benefits of preparing bullet proof coffees, we wrote an article on it here:
Next up, we can't stop raving about the Auto Glym Collection of detailing products for cars.  They are premium products from the UK and so far we've only found them in Canadian Tire in Calgary.  We highly recommend the leather balm, vinyl & rubber care and if you have young children the Auto Glym Deodorizer is A MUST for your car and the smell is awesome.  Speaking as a Dad, the full line up of Auto Glym is an awesome gift! 
When you come home, where do you put your keys, glasses, wallet and phone? We didn't know this existed until a month or two ago when we saw a friend's.  Behold, the docking station.  Stop asking your partner where your keys are !
There are some great options on as well.
Shop local and get Dad a brilliant packaged box of spices at Silk Road Spice Market.  Half of the fun is going into their old world store in Inglewood and picking out a selection and watching it be packaged in a box. 
We use almost every day the Argentinian Chimichurri and Inca Fire Salt. 
Tarragon Shallot and the black truffle salt are also favourites.   
This local (Calgary) Etsy seller makes fantastic barbeque scrapes that are one of a kind and handmade.  Etsy sellers in Calgary can usually easily accomodate local pickup and it feels good supporting local artisans. 
The Leatherman multi tool TTI.  This is the best one, hands down.  You can choose lower price points for this model but the extra features are so well thought out on the $200 model.
And for those Dads who can't wait to camp with their kids, check out the kids' Leatherman Multi Tool. What an awesome group gift. 


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