By Trevor Huggins

Brazilian Black Diamond Single Origin Coffee in Calgary

We are excited to announce that we have just taken order of a bag of Brazillian Black Diamond Coffee. We are currently developing a perfect roast profile for these beans to bring out the warm, nutty brown sugar tastes that Brazilian coffees are known for.  

This bean shines in espresso & americanos.   

This coffee is grown in the protected Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil at 800-1100metres.  The Cerrado Mineiro region has received a Designation of Origin status, meaning that the Cerrado coffees receive a distinct status, and the name is protected, not unlike Champagne wines, from the Champagne region of France. The farms vary in size, from 2 hectares to 500 hectares. They must also cup at least 80 points.  

Brazil has a well-established coffee growing industry, with an ideal climate and soils.  It is the largest producer and exporter of coffee.  The country produces approximately 3 billion kg of coffee per year.  If you are interested in Brazil's coffee growing regions, the Perfect Daily Grind has an excellent guide.

Every lot of coffee produced within the Cerrado Mineiro is assigned a QR code so that the beans can be traced right back to the farm, processing method, etc. This improves traceability and allows consumers crop-to-cup knowledge.  


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